Click is here! (Swap details)

Swap instructions –

  • Click on the token you wish to swap and you’ll be redirected to the desired token pair.
  • Connect your wallet (Located at top right)
  • Click on “Sell” at the bottom right
  • Select the “Market” option located below where you clicked on “Sell”.
  • Place the number of tokens you wish to Swap for Click and proceed with the “Sell” token at the bottom.
  • After clicking on Sell, you will see a contract approval that allows you do transactions with your token in the DEX, accept the terms on your wallet.
  • Once the transaction is successful you will see a second transaction, this is where you are sending the tokens to the swap. Accept the terms once again on your wallet.
  • After the TX is successful you will receive automatically the CLICK tokens in your wallet.

Notes –

  • Deadline — You have 8 weeks to make the swap (Ends on Feb 22). The first 2 weeks the burning function is off and the remaining 6 weeks will have this function on.
  • Metamask is recommended to interact with the dex.
  • Verify that you are on Switch / Click, SDEX / CLICK or DESH / CLICK pair before proceeding with the swaps.
  • We don’t control the gas prices, that’s with Ethereum you can wait until the gas price is lower to do the Swap.
  • The rates for the swap are:



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Switch not only gives users the ability to seamlessly “switch” between tokens, but you can buy gift cards, gamble & more!