Hey everyone! It has been a wild few months with Switch/SwitchDex and I wanted to give an update on what’s been going on, as well as our plans for the rest of the year.

We released our new decentralized exchange about 2 months ago and have had some awesome results so far, processing thousands of orders and hundreds of thousands of dollars in trades. In the past few weeks, the skyrocketing fees on Ethereum has effected the volume some, but I hope you all will check it out as soon as you are ready to trade next. It’s really nice!

Another issue Ethereums extremely high gas fees has caused us is the airdropping of fees to token holders. We recently held a vote and the community decided that using the fees to buy the tokens and burn them would be the best way to move forward. We bought the tokens today from the DEX, and burned them. The transaction info can be found here.





The gambling games are finished and ready to be launched but Ethereums fees have really made it difficult to do simple interactions like these unless your transaction amount is pretty large. But they are coming…..

We are changing. We are simplifying. We are rebranding.

On September 18th….Switch becomes “Click by John McAfee”.

Let’s face it. Our project is some what complicated to new comers. We have Switch, SwitchDex, McAfeeSwap, McAfeeDex, and 3 tokens that split all the fees from all the products. We also have GHOSTX, an upcoming gambling launch and more! It’s a lot. Too much. When the next big bull run we need to be in the position to onboard tons of new users easily and quickly.

Click will be all of our products in 1 place. On Click you will be able to trade on chain with our fully decentralized exchange, swap tokens instantly with our swap feature, gamble using one of the many casino style game options we have available, and so much more!

What does this mean for our token holders?

On September 18th we will airdrop a new token to all holders of ESH, SDEX, and DESH, and will launch the brand new product! The 3 previous tokens (ESH, SDEX, DESH) will then become obsolete. Exchanges that offer trading for ESH will change to CLICK. We will announce the exchanges supporting the airdrop soon, but we advise you to hold your coins in your own wallet on or before Sept 17th.

CLICK is an ERC20 token with a supply of 27,130,794.

*50% of the supply of CLICK tokens will be airdropped to ESH token holders
*25% of the supply of CLICK tokens will be airdropped to SDEX token holders
*25% of the supply of CLICK tokens will be airdropped to DESH token holders

100% of all fees collected by Click will be used to buy back and burn the token using an audited, trustless smart contract. This will solve a lot of the issues the airdrops had over the years, as well as provide an automated mechanism of reducing the supply over time in a secure and decentralized way. Something that is not possible at this time doing fee distribution via an airdrop.

One of the main goals is to be a fully decentralized community ran project so we have set up somewhat of a board that oversees the project day to day, helps with the development, community engagement, updates, marketing etc.

In no specific order this board includes

and others!

If you want to be part of this, feel free to message Luis. You must be able to provide something to the project such as marketing, content, biz dev, software dev, design, etc.

After our rebrand to Click on September 18th, our main goals for the rest of the year will be finishing the voting and governance features allowing all CLICK token holders to vote on any and all issues that effect the project, as well as a dev bounty site so the community can post new features and dev ideas and developers can be compensated in CLICK tokens for work they do.

Once we complete all of this the project will truly be decentralized, community ran, and unstoppable, and that’s really exciting! I want to say thank you to everyone who is involved with this project. Some have been here since day 1, and some only recently joined our community but we are grateful for each and every one of you. Mark your calendar for September 18th! Click by John McAfee is coming….



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