Part 6…DAO/Governance

Hope you all are doing great! This is part 6 of a 10 part blog series being released over the coming days. This one will be a little short. You can check out previous posts on this medium account if you missed them over the last week.

These blogs with explore our past and take a look at everything the project has done so far, check out what we are up to now, as well as talk about the future vision for the project. I hope you guys enjoy these informative pieces and if you have any questions or comments feel free to join our Telegram group for the most up to date information and discussions with our community.

One core aspect of our products that is very important is decentralization. The ecosystem we are building will be fully developed and run by and for the community and our token holders will vote on any and all decisions for the project. To achieve this type of system, we are integrating a governance system/DAO that is being developed by ClearPoll. This will allow our token holders to vote on all the issues that matter such as how and when the projects tokens are used, when to implement new features, what new features would be best for our ecosystem, etc. A community approach to building and evolving the product will allow us to build a thriving network of developers, designers, marketers, traders, and more! As of right now we still have a few centralized parts, but in the next few months everything will be fully community ran. I am super exited to get this feature integrated into our product and we will release more information and release dates as soon as we have them!

Part 7 of this blog series will be released tomorrow and will be dedicated to GHOST! It will cover a lot of information that has already been released, and a couple new things! All information on GHOST will be available at on May 15th, and don’t forget to hold ESH tokens on May 25th to get GHOST for FREE! You excited? not only gives users the ability to seamlessly “switch” between tokens, but you can buy gift cards, gamble & more!