Part 8….Recent progress and announcment for DESH and SDEX holders!

Hope you all are doing great! This is part 8 of a 10 part blog series I have been releasing the past week. You can check out previous posts on this medium account if you missed them.These blogs have explored our past and have taken a look at everything the project has done so far, what we are up to now, as well as the future vision for the project. I hope you guys enjoy these informative pieces and if you have any questions or comments feel free to join our Telegram group for the most up to date information and discussions with our community.

Today's blog was going to be dedicated to the vision we have for the product and ecosystem but I decided to save that one for tomorrow. Today I will recap our last few weeks and make an announcement for DESH and SDEX holders.

Wow! It has been an amazing few weeks for our project and ESH token. Here are just a few of the things have happened recently;

*ESH token skyrocketed to all time highs and did over 75x in 30 days

*ESH achieved 24 hour volume in excess of 1.25 million dollars

*SwitchDex/McAfeeDex broke their volume records with more than 750k in volume in May, and over 400k in the last 7 days

*SwitchDex/McAfeeDex have collected a record number of fees, generating over $3,000 in the first 10 days of May

We started this project with a tiny token sale and have been running on a shoe string budget for over 2 years and it feels great to have all of our hard work pay off. We will soon sell a small amount of the Switch tokens over the counter to hire more devs, do more marketing, and more things we will announce soon! We are super excited.

Here's something I can announce now!

As a thank you to our community for being supportive over the last couple years we want to let DESH and SDEX token holders in on the GHOST action as well. Switch will allocate 500,000 GHOST tokens it receives from holding ESH tokens and will pass them along to DESH and SDEX token holders.

The snap shot will be at 8pm CST on May 25th.

250,000 GHOST will be allocated for DESH token holders (250 GHOST per DESH).

250,000 GHOST will be allocated for SDEX token holders (1250 GHOST per SDEX).

DESH tokens represent a revenue share of the other 50% of fees collected by the instant seap network (including Switch/McAfeeSwap). The total supply of DESH tokens is 1,000 and it can be traded on McAfeeDex. Much like SDEX, the supply of DESH is designed for long term holders who want a large chunk of the fees and voting rights in the swap network. There are currently about 200 DESH on McAfeeDex at a market cap under $600,000.

SDEX represent a revenue share of the other 50% of fees collected by the SwitchDex network (including McAfeeDex and all portals). The total supply of SDEX tokens is 200 and it can be traded on McAfeeDex.

Part 9 of this blog series will be released tomorrow and will be dedicated to the vision for our ecosystem for the rest of 2020! It will cover some information that has already been released, as well as some new things we are exploring. Hope you guys are as exciting as we are!



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