Switch Acquires ClearPoll

We are pleased to announce that Switch has acquired ClearPoll!

As we build out more and more of our all in one ecosystem, one core thing we are working on is our governance system. We envision a product in which every single decision is decided by the token holders. A real democracy from the ground up. One product that fits perfectly with what we are trying to accomplish, is ClearPoll.

ClearPoll is an on chain polling and voting dapp running on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows anyone anywhere to vote on the things they care about. In addition to blockchain based voting and polling for the public, we will also use the same technology for proposing changes and voting in the Switch project using our projects tokens. This will be a feature that any other crypto project can use as well, to allow their communities to vote on proposals.

What happens to POLL token?

Effective immediately POLL token is obsolete. Revenue generated from ClearPoll products will go to the Switch communities token holders.

If you are holding POLL in your wallet you do not need to do anything! We have already taken the snapshot and you will get your ESH shortly.

If you had POLL on an exchange, please withdraw to a wallet you control and DM @joshswitch to claim your ESH.



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