Switch Acquires WavesBet.io

4 min readMay 15, 2020


Hey everyone! What an amazing month we are having so far!

Here is a quick update on some stats for this month and then I’ll get to the big announcement;

* ESH token is up 9,325% in the last 30 days and consistently running to new all time highs. DESH and SDEX have had a lot of momentum too recently and have been doing fantastic.

* ESH token hit an all time high in total trading volume yesterday, exceeding 2 million dollars for the day!

* The SwitchDex network just keeps making new all time highs in trading volume. Yesterday the DEX network did over $250,000 in trades and in the past 8 days we have passed 1 million in trades!

* Trading fees from the DEX alone in May so far have already exceeded $5,000, and we’re only half way through the month! Don’t forget to whitelist your trading address to receive fee free trading on the DEX network for life!

We will post a huge recap on May 30th that will breakdown the month we had and what that means for our token holders and community.

Now for the big announcement

I am super excited to announce that the Switch project has acquired WavesBet! WavesBet is a gaming project currently operating on the Waves blockchain but will port over to Ethereum shortly. In addition to games like blackjack, poker, and roulette, we will also be releasing sports betting, games like McAfeeMoonShot, and others very soon! All games are smart contract based, trustless, and provably fair. 100% of fees collected from these products will now go to our token holders!

Switch will take over all products and features owned and developed by WavesBet as well as their 4 team members will join ours to provide development and marketing support. We will introduce the new team members in the Telegram group now! We are really excited to bring their awesome team and energy into the Switch ecosystem.

So what was the deal and how does it work?

For those that have been following us for a long time, you will know that transparency is one of our number 1 values, so we want to make the full details of the deal public for our community.

Switch acquired Wavesbet for approximately $250,000 in ESH tokens.

$42,500 of this will be used to Swap their token WBET to ESH tokens as we bring their entire community over to ours.

The other $207,500 was used to buy their existing product lines, user base, exchange listings swaps, and more! This deal also includes the WavesBet team providing development, marketing, and community support to Switch for at least 6 months. The ESH tokens also vest over a 6 month period.

It also will include us swapping their WBET exchange listings with ESH token, so ESH will be on more exchanges soon! We will announce them once they are live.

If you are holding WBET in your wallet you do not need to do anything! We have already taken the snapshot and you will get your ESH shortly.

If you were holding WBET on STEX or Crex24 they will process it for you and you will receive your ESH soon.

If you had WBET on any other exchange, please withdraw to a wallet you control and DM @wavesjason to claim your ESH.

Have a great night everyone! More big new coming soon :)

Don’t forget! The GHOST white paper will be released in about 2 hours! You won’t want to miss it. Ghostbymcafee.com




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