Update On Rebrand To CLICK And Gambling Release

Hey everyone! I’m sure most of you saw the chats in the Telegram group, but due to the congestion and extremely expensive and volatile gas prices on Ethereum right now, we are going to delay the rebrand and gambling release until after ETH 2.0 is launched, which is currently planned for the end of 2020. After a successful ETH 2.0 launch, we will set a release date for the rebrand and new features and heavily market the release at that time. Since we have more time, we will also release our dev bounty site, our governance voting features, and more new features in that release. We will continue to buy and burn ESH, SDEX, and DESH until the rebrand with 100% of the fees generated by the platforms.

What does this mean for our token holders?

Right now nothing, the tokens and products stay the exact same. Once we rebrand into CLICK, we will airdrop a new token to all holders of ESH, SDEX, and DESH, and will launch the brand new product! The 3 previous tokens (ESH, SDEX, DESH) will then become obsolete. Exchanges that offer trading for ESH will change to CLICK. We will announce the exchanges supporting the airdrop when the time comes. Most will.

CLICK is an ERC20 token with a supply of 27,130,794.

*50% of the supply of CLICK tokens will be airdropped to ESH token holders
*25% of the supply of CLICK tokens will be airdropped to SDEX token holders
*25% of the supply of CLICK tokens will be airdropped to DESH token holders

100% of all fees collected by Click will be used to buy back and burn the token using an audited, trustless smart contract. This will solve a lot of the issues the airdrops had over the years, as well as provide an automated mechanism of reducing the supply over time in a secure and decentralized way.

We are bummed we had to push this back, but it is the best choice, and most of the biggest holders agreed with the decision. Adrian will drop some extra pics and teasers of the gambling stuff in this group later this week so you guys can see some more than you already have. And as soon as we rebrand and launch it will be an amazing new part of the ecosystem and should really bring a whole new base of users to the products.

Switch.ag not only gives users the ability to seamlessly “switch” between tokens, but you can buy gift cards, gamble & more!